Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mama Boot Camp

In the summers my daughter goes to my parents' house for a few weeks, for a time we all affectionately call "Grandma's boot camp." The intention is to correct her of all the bad habits that she's learned at home, like poor table manners, but in the end it's only indulgent in another way. They eat dessert on the regular, they buy her lots of new clothes and just generally lavish attention on her. Boot camp indeed.

Boot camp. Goofy plastic hat.
There are probably some bad habits to break by living with me, however -- especially living in Nicaragua. My bedroom is the only room on the second level, so while i'm working or doing whatever else i'm doing, the rebel angel is downstairs on one or two electronic devices (yes, at the same time!) and slipping off to the neighbor's pulperia for a packet of sweets.

It's hard to stay on top of her at all times, and sometimes i just don't want to. But this week i've been on something of a rampage. Maybe it's that i'm broken out in a rash -- probably from the mercury released from my mouth -- and not feeling great. But whatever it is, this week i decided that there's been too much TV and electronics and sweets around here, and i've put the hammer down. One hour of screen time a day and no sweets. To the rebelangel, it's like there's been a death in the family.

She complained, but not long after, out came the notebook into which she doodled some floor plans for a new room. She was in and out of the pool, practicing her flips. She asked me to cut her up some fruit. So basically, mama boot camp was not well-received at first, but it's still being tolerated. Now i just have to get rid of this damn rash...

Speaking of boot camp -- check out this simple game, Thalatha, great for the beach or wherever! An Iraq war veteran learned it from Iraqi children, and is now raising funds to develop an app version.

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