Thursday, April 9, 2015

Down Time

We've been in super chill, back-to-healthy-eating mode around here this week, and it feels good. Having guests here was wonderful -- getting to tour around the country, visiting as many bodies of water as we could -- but when all that is over, i found my belly to be rounder than i remembered, and my exhaustion level at max.
Just me and this kid...

So this week, it's been a lot of lying around, watching movies, playing games, doing each others' hair and cuddling in the same bed (yes, this from the tween who was a total bear all last week, barely able to stand me and me her!) and eating lots of veggies. There hasn't been a beer in or out of my fridge for days and that's just great for me.

It's like anything -- you have your times of extreme fun and hyper-activity, and then that necessitates a time of laying low and getting back to center.

Somewhere along the way, this mad city with its incessant traffic, loud shouting neighbors and roosters crowing become the home we long to come back to; to rest, recuperate and plot the next step...


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