Thursday, March 26, 2015

What a Week

Playa Gigante's fishing vessels, waiting for the next trip.

 Delicious fresh snapper, tostones (fried mashed plantains) and beer.

The crew at Playa Popoyo for sunset.
My, what an amazing week. After a weekend on the beaches of San Juan del Sur, we rented a truck and headed for more of the remote beaches of southwest Nicaragua. In total, we hit five beaches in four days -- San Juan del Sur, Playa Hermosa, Playa Maderas, Gigante and Popoyo -- each with its own special flavor. It's hard to say which one is "better" than any other, because each one is pretty great. After leaving the coast and heading back to Granada, we went to Laguna de Apoyo, the spectacular crater lake just west of the city. This week has been all about water, great food, awesome friends and pretty much non stop fun.

Of course, that also means non stop To├▒a beers, too much sugar and probably not enough sleep. When hosting friends is over, i'll have to revert to a super-duper healthy lifestyle to make up for all this non stop fun. That means less bread, less beer, less fried cheese. (I'd love to order one of these vegetable spiralizers to make my "pasta" -- how cool is that?)

Since i've been back to drinking soda during this stint, my dentist is also going to get another visit! (If you're in the US and you need an emergency visit, check out Emergency Dentists USA to find one on the road).

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