Friday, March 6, 2015


In Granada it is so easy to take really cool photos. It's partly the gorgeous light we get in this town, but it's also just the place itself. There are so many stunning churches, brightly-colored colonial buildings and bustling people going about doing their thing... selling bananas, fixing watches, cooking up quesillos -- tortillas with cheese -- honking and driving fast, toting horse carts around... it's a feast for the eyes.

You could simply save all those cool shots in your photo app on your computer, but i just discovered this new, fun way to play around with them and catalog them. With the Garagua app, you can sign up for various "challenges" that guide you to choose photos in certain categories. It's pretty fun!

This is just one of those unforgettable moments, walking to the rebelangel's school dance with some friends, with yet another gorgeous church behind us...

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