Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So Fast

O man, my baby is growing up so fast. One minute you're waiting impatiently for their arrival (if you're pregnant and want to count down the days, check out the Your Due Date site -- super handy) and the next they're making you breakfast in bed, taking surfing lessons and just generally being a big kid-almost-teen.

Popoyo Beach Nicaragua. Really, who ever gets tired of sunset photos?

Sometimes i look at her and i can't believe she's not that little baby who needed me to do everything for her. I forget that she's a bilingual girl of the world, living a great big adventure every day, and it's making her so, so strong. But it's happening slowly and all too fast.

Right now, i'm just trying not to miss a moment.


Meanwhile, if you have a baby who's trying to grow up too fast -- which probably applies to most parents -- check out this sweet, wonderfully-illustrated book, The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn, meant to teach kids to appreciate being little while it lasts.

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