Monday, March 16, 2015

Preserving Childhood

Back home the rebelangel's buddies are all going through the throes of tweendom. Of course, she is going through it too -- but in a lot of ways she's had a stay on all of that. As one of the oldest kids in her small international school, she mostly hangs out with kids who are younger than her -- really only one of her friends is older. She plays silly games in the pool, flops around, colors pictures, makes crafts, and generally does stuff that tweens, when gathered in groups, are just too cool to do.

In that way, being in Nicaragua has allowed her to preserve her childhood just a little bit longer, and to avoid worrying about trips to the mall or whether she can wear makeup at school or even what she should wear at school at all. Since her school has a uniform policy, it's a white polo and navy blue bottoms nearly every day.

I am grateful to get to see her childhood preserved -- but at the same time, i wonder what it's going to be like when she's suddenly in a large classroom again, with the adolescent rebellion in full swing...


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