Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Power's Out

Yesterday was one of those annoying days in which i question why i'm here. It's also one of those days when my wonderful rebelangel displays more restraint and maturity than me -- demonstrating how we're often parenting one another around here.

I got home from a long bike ride into the mountains outside of Granada around 7:30 a.m. to find the power out. No problem, i thought, i'll just have to jump in the pool. Not ideal, but at least i can cool off. Then came the call from the rebelangel's school, saying they were calling off school because there was no power and no water -- five minutes before she was to be picked up.

The power was still out when i went to the bank to pay the utility bills, where the A/C was still blasting as if nothing was wrong, and a line snaked around the lobby. I had to get the bills paid before going out of town though, so i really had no choice but to wait. Then i forgot my I.D. and almost had to go back to get it to pay the bills.

The power stayed out completely until about 3, when it came on just long enough for me to get half a press release written and unsaved before it cut off again. Then it cut off again at 5, just when i was about to send said release. Meantime the dishes were piling up in the sink and ants swarming. With all the bullshit that this day provided, and the fact that this was my last day to work before my friends arrived for a vacation, it was a wonder that i waited until 5 p.m. to crack my first beer.

Throughout all of this, the rebelangel got out all the craft stuff she had and decided to do a project. She cleaned her room and played with a friend and helped me clean the casita for guests who were arriving. Basically, she took it all much better than me.


If you're a parent who's dealing with teens who aren't quite as helpful and understanding as my tween is, check out the Help With Your Teen program, helping parents learn skills and strategies for the many challenges that can come with parenting a teen.

And the next time the power's out and the nights are dark and scary, snuggle in for some fun reading with your kids, like Nightmare Schmightmare -- a book about dealing with monsters under the bed. 


picrustable said...

I live on a small island in the South Pacific. The power goes off quit frequently - and in the most inopportune times!

It is the worst at night when it is so hot and you need a fan!

I really liked your post. Thank you!

Nico said...

Yes, it's definitely inconvenient when you want to be cool! Thanks for checking in.