Sunday, March 1, 2015

Playing Tour Guide and Tourist

One of the joys of working from home and working for yourself: when your friends or family comes to town, it's no big deal to take a couple days off and to show them the best your city has to offer. This week our cousins arrived for a trip that ended up being way too short for us -- we wanted them to stay longer!

We went on a boat tour of the little islands of Lake Nicaragua
Checked out the city's many gorgeous churches and towers
And had a couple water fights!

 Granada is a place that's not yet on everyone's radar, but it's only a matter of time before it is. Every time i get out and take some time off from my regular day-to-day in front of this computer, i am amazed at everything the area has to offer. If you're the work-online or work-from-home type of person, there's no reason you can't bring yourself and your kids down here for a year of fun, sun and adventure! Your schedule is your own, so what do you want to do with it?

(My friend at Me My Journey is doing just that -- owning her schedule and working from home. Check out how she's doing dropshipping to make a great living.)

And even as i play tour guide and have a great time, real life still seeps in and demands my time. So after being out late and enjoying Laguna de Apoyo as long as we possibly could, the next morning i was up before the dawn to be the adult chaperone for Empowerment International's bike club. I love the morning smells, the views of the mountains, and touring around with these kids. I was the adult in the group, but they're the bike experts and i learn so much from them!
Some of the incredible views of Lake Cocibolca and Granada in the distance

Who knew my workout crew here would be a group of teens?

It's funny to me that i've exchanged a room full of dancing women (Zumba) for a small group of teens as my workout partners. But they're awesome and i can't think of a better group to join when i go from being a tour guide to the tour-ist!

Two really cool workout-related things to tell you about: First, check out PlayEnable -- a site to find the workouts and fitness classes you want when traveling (or at home) and to sign up instantly. Super cool!

Also check out Mom Meet Mom, where moms can hook up with other moms who have the same interests and want to get out and do stuff. Mountain biking anyone??

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