Thursday, March 5, 2015

On Hiding Away

There are days when i love it here and think i could live here full-time. Mostly, it's when i'm out in the natural areas, far from the city.

There are other days when i want the hell out, like yesterday. Mostly, those are when the neighbor's roosters are erupting with a cacophony all damn day, or the telephone workmen are working on the pole near my window and yelling at the other workers down the street, or when the party bus with its giant speakers puts our street on its route. City things.
Life is better in the shade of the mountains...

This morning we were mountain biking near Laguna de Apoyo yet again -- really the best part of my entire week -- when we came upon a new yellow road blocker thingy on the dirt road near the top of the crater. Obviously, new expensive homes are going to be built there soon. My friend -- an American -- remarked how she didn't understand how people could move into a country and then totally block themselves off from the rest of the people in the country.

I agree with that in theory. But when i have to wear headphones (why didn't i think of this before??) in order to hear myself think because of other people's loud lives, i can see why people hide themselves away. Living in a Nicaraguan city is never going to be a quiet experience, and as much as i make attempts at assimilation, i am never going to enjoy roosters 10 feet from my bed or trucks with no exhaust controls and speakers blasting or workers who yell to have a conversation.

If i were to stay here more permanently -- or even live here part-time on a more permanent basis -- i would probably have to hide myself away more frequently too. Of course, because i am not free to parent my child without paying heed to the other parent, i don't really have the option to live here full-time anyway...

And speaking of that -- check out Andrew Armacost's new book, The Poor Man's Guide to Suicide, about a non-custodial father fighting for this children -- and his will to live. Life here really isn't too bad!

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