Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Electric Powered Odyssey: USA to Patagonia on an Electric Motorcycle

Yesterday i went to my friend Thomas' house, where he was packing up the remainder of his belongings and having them delivered to storage via horse-drawn cart. That's how it gets done here in Nicaragua. 

For the past couple months, Thomas and i have been working to launch a big project that i'm excited to tell you about today. In a few short weeks, Thomas will be on the road on a Zero S motorcycle, an electric motorcyle with a range of about 150 miles, heading from the U.S. to the tip of South America.

So far no one has done this 12,000-mile trip on an electric motorcycle, so Thomas will be the first. He'll have to stop a couple times a day to plug in and charge the motorcycle, meaning he'll have lots of cool adventures meeting local people and sharing the experience with those he meets. Exciting!

Along the way i'll be arranging video shoots and promoting the trip, while Thomas is meeting with motorcycle enthusiasts and checking out how the electric grid is fueled in each country. The idea is to make a documentary film that explores the topics of eco tourism, responsible tourism and adventure motorcycling. I'll be helping by spreading the word as far and wide as i can manage -- including periodic updates here on Raising a Revolutionary. When he passes through Nicaragua, i may even join him on the road for a while!

Check out this quick video of Thomas loading his "moving van" yesterday.


If you're interested in getting even more updates, check out the Electric Powered Odyssey Facebook page, or follow ElectroMotoRecord on Twitter.


And since working on this project means i'm going to be spending even more time at my computer, i'd love to have this workout-slash-monitor tower for my desk so i don't miss my workouts. Check out the OffyT and help those folks get their workspace workout aid off the ground.

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