Saturday, March 28, 2015

Climbing Mountains

A couple mornings a week i hear the harp sounds of my phone's alarm, going off way too early in the morning. If you want to work out hard in Nicaragua, you need to be up before the burning sun rises red over Lake Cocibolca. 

The burning red sun and Yoda. 
Mountain biking through the dusty, monkey-filled forests of Volcan Mombacho is simply stunning -- but it's also damn hard sometimes. It's fine to drive a Jeep across boulder-y dirt roads, but it requires serious stamina and plenty of mental fortitude to do it on two wheels. Sometimes you can't ride at all and you have to walk your bike for a while, up steep paths kicking up dust while howler monkeys howl in the distance, mocking you.

Mountain biking involves mountains, and that means climbing up them. It means you'll spend most of a morning pointed up, and then race down before you know it.

But that's a lot like life, isn't it? You spend a lot of time pointed toward a goal, climbing and clawing toward it -- and then the part in which you get to enjoy yourself seems to fly by... wind in the face, no more huff and puff... so fast.

So in that way, mountain biking is like life itself. In today's 99-degree heat, i am trying to thoroughly enjoy the way back down...


Every time i go mountain biking i give a word of thanks to have come out of it without a scratch. But in case you're in need of a little medical advice, check out FreshBenies' Teledoc program, where you can talk to a medical professional and even get a prescription when you need one.

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