Monday, March 23, 2015

Bringing them Along

When somone arrives here even for a vacation, i think it's easy to start wondering whether you could make it here on a more full-time basis -- or if you're like me, whether you could make this the place you live half the year, when the weather back home is way less than ideal.

When it's a friend who starts thinking that way, i am of course all about it. But then once again i have to bring in yet another dose of gratitude, because not everyone who wants to live here for more than a couple weeks can do so. There's always that thing called the jobbie job that holds people back. Every time i get on my computer -- whether it's the big desktop i lugged down here or this little tablet i now write on, connected to a full-size keyboard, while i look out at the Pacific, i should be doing a mental happy dance for getting this much freedom in my work. Happy daaanncce... 

So when a friend starts daydreaming about how to make it work and to bring her own son (who happens to be great friends with the rebelangel) down here for a year of Spanish and warm weather and dancing, i begin to think about how we could make it work.

How could she make money? There's always online businesses to start, and plenty of people out there to help her start one and be free of the grind of showing up somewhere or having to work on someone else's schedule (if you're looking, check out Long Live the Internet -- with methods of helping people start an online store)

Would she miss out on culture and art and stuff she loves to do? It won't be the same, and if she chose to live on the beach she'd probably miss out a lot of live shows and art galleries so abundant back home (although Nicaragua does have galleries dotted around, and plus there's always online sources for art, like the online gallery

Would traveling with a kid for that long be difficult? Uh, yeah, but also absolutely wonderful -- and one day you'll look at the kid who could barely tie his shoes alone and you'll see a much more grown version who can navigate sticky situations on his own -- and in two languages. (But in case your kid needs help with the shoes thing, check out BOOM laces -- no-tie laces for kids!)

So for every concern a friend might have, i try to have a solid reply...

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