Tuesday, March 10, 2015

At the Beach Again

Gorgeous Playa Mahagual, north of San Juan del Sur
Every couple weeks or so we have to escape the city and get to the beach. In Nicaragua you have lots of beach to choose from, and pretty decent services when you're there. There's everything from expensive, high-end condos to rent near San Juan del Sur, to inexpensive guest houses that are farther out but right on the beach and gorgeous.

This weekend we opted for the inexpensive guest house, so we could meet up with our cousins, hang out and of course get out of the noise and chaos of the city. The rebelangel finally got on a surfboard and loved it!

Matilda's guest house entrance on the beach.
The surfer girl!

 Of course, sometimes the chill feeling you get from the beach is wiped away when you sleep in a guest house with shared bathroom, and the people next door keep loudly unlocking and unlocking the bathroom door late at night, or when the towels and floors and beds get covered with sand and the power goes out.

It may be wiped away a little more when you take the chicken bus back home and deal with the heat and the people shouting on their mobile phones next to us, the workers standing in the rows smelling like barnyards, and on and on with the follies of the chicken bus.

But still, life is good!


Every time we go to the beach i ask myself whether we should move there -- but the school thing always trips me up. If we were to live near the beach, it would likely be home school for the rebelangel. Online options abound -- including Smart Heads geared toward middle schoolers. Hmmm... 

Of course, when we get home from the bus and the sand, i am more than ready to bask in the sweet feeling of my very own shower in my clean(ish) bamboo house. Triana Miami Skin Care has a ton of cool and natural products to bring back that clean city feeling -- including an exfoliating cream i'm stoked on.

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