Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Always on Vacation -- Kinda

When we first arrived here in Nicaragua i have to admit i kinda felt like i was on perma-vacation. There's a pool in my yard and people are constantly passing through Granada on their epic Central America vacations... so naturally i wanted to be part of that action.

We still act like it's vacation a lot of the time -- taking the kiddo out of school for her beach "education" and such... but really, a lot of the days are still all about work and work and work around here. It makes me want to escape back to the beach, where life is always better.
Watching baby turtles head for the ocean after hatching -- that's education, right?
Still, i'd like to think that just having a pool i can swim in at any moment and someone to do my laundry does sorta make me on perma-vacation... and why are we going back this summer, again, exactly?!


If we really were on perma-vacation, i'd probably have lots of time to play smartphone dice games like the Flipping Dice game -- totally addictive and a way to while away an afternoon in a hammock!
Or maybe we'd be reading more books together -- like Leena's Notebook, a story about a little girl who loves sports...

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