Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Can of...

Never before have i been quite so happy to open up a can of whoop a#@. And by whoop a#@ i mean a can of aerosol bug killer -- the likes of which i'd probably almost never buy back home. Even here, it's taken these seven months to happen. Yes, swarms of little crazy ants seem to never leave our laundry area, and some other type of ant will swarm around any unclean plate that gets left around. Cats troll the kitchen at night, and spiders live in the corners.
Sunsets. Much nicer than pestilence.

But yesterday was a whole new level in pestilence. I went into the indoor/outdoor bathroom of our casita, the little house-room we use for guests or for blasting A/C and binge-watching cable TV (it's the only TV in the house), to clean it out for some guests who were set to arrive in less than an hour. Normally it only takes me about 30 minutes to sweep, change the sheets and mop the place (yes, sometimes i do it instead of our housekeeper) so a whole hour was supposed to be plenty.

EXCEPT, when i walked into that bathroom, a literal swarm of tiny white gnats assaulted me. They covered the white bathtub like a carpet. They hung out on the wall near the toilet and all along the corners of the ceiling. There were so many it was impossible to comprehend. The good news was that while they looked like little tiny mosquitoes, they were not -- they were just damn annoying.

There was really very little i could do with so few minutes to prepare, so i cleaned the place as i normally would and kept the bathroom door closed. When the guests arrived i had to placate them with gifts of beer and free A/C (sometimes i hide the remote because otherwise people blast it all night) and tell them it was happening all over the city and that i was sorry but i hadn't yet developed the super powers to conquer Mother Nature (and i didn't have my can of whoop a#@ yet).

So then i had to haul a#@ to the store to find the right can of bug killer -- which, despite my still-inadequate Spanish, i was able to choose correctly. It worked so quickly that within seconds that swarm lay like a blanket of gnat all over the bathroom floor. Hallelujah for cans of whoop a#@!! 

In hindsight it would have been nice to have the kiddo along, because after being in a Nicaraguan school for all these months, she's well-versed in the Spanish words for all types of pestilence. In case you're wondering, piojo means flea, but it also means louse. No details about that to be given -- but let's just say it's been a buggy week all around...


One of my goals while we're living in Nicaragua: Learn Spanish better every day. I am getting there through experiences like yesterday's! If you're in need of encouragement on your goals, check out Voloe -- a social network for people with goals. 

Not a total foreign language beginner over here, but if you are, you can get some help with first words in several languages with the Baby Tweets app.

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