Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tiny Tips: On Goals

Among my writing gigs, i write a lot about careers and how to conduct interviews, set goals, and generally succeed in wowing your employers. It's given me a lot of insight into how i could have conducted myself better during my past periods of employment, and how to translate some of that information into succeeding as a freelancer.
Plenty of time for this too...

I read this piece about creating a goals poster one day and have used it as a reference for several pieces i've written. After reading it, the information started to sink in. So i tried it -- setting a goal that may have seemed impossible, but naming it clearly and believing it will happen. And guess what? It is.

I don't want to believe that living in my beloved city of Portland was keeping me from achieving my goals. I want to believe that it's still the city for me when i return. But by leaving what i loved, i was able to give myself a shakeup, to re-evaluate, and to spend the time i would otherwise spend socializing semi-obsessing about meeting certain financial and career goals. Like that article outlines, sometimes simply naming what you want starts to make it real. Try it -- it works!


In case you need another boost to get yourself going and to start achieving those goals, here's another way to get your shakeup: check out The Blast Network, a team of women helping women transform their lives through career coaching and teaching you how to live your life on purpose.


Jennifer said...

Nico! OMG thanks for the shout out. Just love your blog and I keep my "goals" in the form of a vision board on a coffee table. Everyone sees it but I don't care, I want to keep it in front of me so I don't forget where I want to be headed. SO glad you wrote about this and gave it your own spin.

Nico said...

Vision boards are so great Jen! I've been meaning to make a more formal one myself. Gotta get on it! Thanks for the ups.