Thursday, February 19, 2015

Things to Do: Everyone Loves a Parade

We have a lot of down time in Nicaragua, and that's a good thing for an American kid who tended to be overscheduled in her old life. Still, we do tend to suffer from a lack of things to do. If we had a car or wanted to pay a driver, there's plenty of beautiful countryside to see -- but that's not always feasible and it would be nice to have more things to do right in the city. Heck, even a fun toy store to poke around in would be fun, even for this tween.

So when there is something fun to do, everyone comes out in droves. Yesterday a parade came down the main tourist strip and of course we went. It happened to take place on Ash Wednesday -- and it looked like it could be a Mardi Gras parade, Nica style, but supposedly it was really a parade celebrating the International Poetry Festival that's currently in Granada. In any case, there was lots to see...

The traditional Baile Folklorico dancers
Jokers and tricksters, making noise

Kids taking a break, but putting on their costumes just for me
Güegüeguense Gigantes, cool but kinda creepy

So there's not always nothing to do besides eat and drink in Granada...

If we had access to a virtual toy store -- any toy store, dang it! -- we'd probably be letting one of these cool light up night copters fly over our pool and beyond. Send me one!

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