Saturday, February 7, 2015

Storming the Castillo

"O man, if I lived here, I would probably not leave these wall very much," said a recent guest to my lovely bamboo abode. I've been renting out the third bedroom on occasion, to offset the costs of keeping this place up.

And he's right -- sometimes the outside world, with its catcalls and dust and general chaos are all too much to handle, so inside these walls i stay. Since the rebelangel gets picked up by a car service and water and fruits and veggies get delivered to the door and i work online from my bedroom, it's conceivable that i wouldn't have to leave all that often and still do OK.

That said, the invaders do try to storm the castle, and to drive me into wild misanthropic bents where i slam windows shut, yell and threaten to call the police.

I started finding rocks slightly larger than the width of a quarter in the pool and wondered where they came from. Yesterday i discovered they were the result of some boys, on the outside of the wall, throwing them skyward in an effort to get the mangoes to fall from the trees. I yelled about not wanting rocks to fall on my daughter's head, but they've come back a few times still.

Then there are the fumigators who come spreading great ugly clouds of diesel-fueled mosquito killer, about every week or so. In spite of my refusal to let them into my home and my kitchen, the acrid reek and the plumes of diesel smoke still make it over these walls and creep through the cracks in the windows.

The roosters don't know -- and wouldn't care -- that their crowing disturbs me all all hours while i sleep in my castle.

The trash-collector who drinks too much doesn't seem to realize that it's 9 p.m. and i'm in my pajamas when he knocks incessantly for my recycling.

Sometimes all of the above-named things happen within moments of one another, making for intense moments of hatred. 

Yes, dear guest, sometimes i do want to get out -- way the F out. But even if i were to try to hole up and never to leave, the invaders storm the walls, and i in my turrets only have my voice, a blunt machete, and a waxing and waning rage to stave them off…


Thank goodness for the innermets -- where social networks mean i don't have to feel quite so alone even if i'm trying to hole up in this castillo. Check out Tio2Tio -- one of the newest social networks to hit the scene!

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