Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Getting Hot in Here

Last night was the first time in a long time that it occurred to me: "Dang, how hot is it right now?" So i got out my phone to check it out.

December and January in Nicaragua, in case you were wondering, are some of the absolute best times to visit this lovely land. OK, if you don't like fireworks and loud nightly parades, don't come in December... so that leaves January as perhaps the very best month to visit here. Sweet breezes drift around, the nights get delightfully cool, and the rains have dropped off. But since the rains have only recently stopped, things are still relatively green for a time.
The rebelangel squeezing into my niece's flip-flop.

Like clockwork though, February gets hotter. When i looked at the graphs of the monthly averages, the temperatures go up a bit in February, but in March, they absolutely spike -- going up faster than a politician's blood pressure when he sees a gang of hippies coming toward him toting signs. So i guess if i really had hoped to start running in the mornings, (using belts like the RISE UP to stash my phone and keys -- handy!) i should have started before now.

There were a lot of afternoons in December and January in which i didn't turn on the fan in my upstairs bedroom/office at all... but those days are over, i am afraid. I am sitting here sweating, letting the sound of these loud Nica fans drown out the street noises and looking forward to my afternoon swim... wondering just how bad it's going to get...


Back home people are looking forward to wearing flip flops -- but they're still solidly in boot territory. I'm a little, tiny bit jealous today.  If they were here though, they'd probably be bronzing their babies' flip flops instead of those cute booties... Whatever your style -- Chicks n Cubs will do the bronzing for you.

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