Wednesday, February 11, 2015

He llegado

Yesterday morning i got up with the roosters and headed out for a mountain bike ride to Laguna de Apoyo. I figured i'd be really sore today, but apparently swimming in a three-stroke pool for 30 minutes a day really is good exercise, because i wasn't sore at all. It's been ages since i've mountain biked, and i was forced to cobble together a goofy outfit that included zippered shorts and trendy Adidas street shoes, but still, i got it done. (I probably could have used a pair of these BOOM laces that keep you from having to tie your shoes mid-mountain, but somehow i survived!)
Three-stroke pool -- as in three strokes to get across it.

Once again, my morning of doing things i don't normally do got me thinking about how far we've come and how much things have changed.

I don't blink at waking at 5:30 to do a 20K ride in the campo. I go to bed early and hardly ever go out. I have the luxury of private school for my daughter, a housekeeper to clean up after us and a pool to swim in, i put dough into my savings on the regular, AND i don't worry about money -- too much. I learn new things and new words every day. I hardly ever think about "what ifs" or "could my life be better?" -- like i'm no longer waiting and reserving this time as the time before my life begins, or the time before i actually find someone to share it with. (For all you international types, check out Biwi for a way to find your international match!)

I think this is what is called he llegado -- "i've arrived" -- and i'm really liking it.

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