Friday, February 20, 2015

Busting Out

After a few weeks of just plain living, i am ready for a little change.

While we need to stick close to the homestead most of the time so the kiddo can go to school, those four walls are not the only place where learning is found. Here, everything is an experience.

I was talking with a friend about busting out of Nicaragua for a couple days and going to Costa Rica. I was thinking we'd have to be back Sunday night, because of course the kiddo has school... but then my friend pointed out that the rebelangel's education was not only wrapped up in that school. Her education is also everything she's experiencing... every time she rides a packed bus and someone gives her a seat, every time she sees turtles nesting on a beach or snorkels for the first time, she's learning.

So it's also OK to let her -- and me -- have that education in the world and to break out of our everyday routine often.

A good friend and her son are coming here soon too -- so it's going to be great to see that boy's eyes open to all the new experiences, and for us to get to see Nicaragua like a stranger once again. Traveling with kids -- especially in Latin America -- kind of gives you an advantage, because mothers tend to be so respected here and kids are pretty much allowed to be as free as they want to be. I'd say we all have it pretty good!


I love what Mark Wadie is doing with his book about rites of passage for boys passing into manhood. "How a Boy Becomes a Man" teaches boys to use their passions, to be protective nurturers, and to at the same time be strong men. Check out the book, coming out next week!

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