Monday, February 2, 2015

Always Thinking About the Next Step

It must be in our human nature to always be thinking ahead to the next thing... even if it means we aren't fully present where we are.

While i find many moments to enjoy here, i also find myself thinking about what type of car i'll be able to afford when i get back home, whether i can really pull off buying a home, and what sort of projects i'll be able to do on my own when i buy said home.

Meanwhile i take chicken buses and taxis and live in someone else's home -- which is full of dust from the construction, but still comes with a pool and a housekeeper. Looking ahead... living in the now...


When i do buy said house, i am definitely going to need to be much more of the do-it-yourselfer than i am now -- when i have a housekeeper to do even little chores like taking out the trash. Check out DIY Site UK, where i -- and you -- can get some ideas for DIY projects around the house. I am going to need it!

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