Sunday, January 11, 2015

Things We Like to Do

Now that school is back in session and we're not forced to be around one another 24-7, the rebelangel and i can go back to enjoying one another's company a little more.

Craft day at Nectar restaurant? She's totally IN.
Last night we sat in bed together, poring over clothes she wanted to order online -- perhaps the closest thing we get to getting to go shopping together. At her age, she is, of course, in love with new clothes and shopping, and since our cousins are coming to visit in not too long, we had the bright idea to order stuff and have it shipped there and brought to us. Brilliant, the rebelangel says! Ugh, i say, since it means we're back to stretching our budget to pay for stuff we don't need.

I thought we were free of that! But i did enjoy having my kiddo by my side instead of holed up in her room on her own.

Last night for the first night in a long time, the rebelangel also slept in my bed, which she used to do all the time, but rarely ever does anymore. We used to have a nightly reading tradition too, which meant we'd both get sleepy and end up sleeping in my bed or hers a lot more often. With mid-level chapter books for her reading level hard to find here, we've sorta fallen off that wagon.

So there are some traditions we should have tried harder to keep, like reading, while others that should have stayed gone, like spending too much money on clothes this sprouting tween will quickly grow out of.


Of course, there's always e-books -- and if you're too tired to read to your kids yourself, check out the Tales with Gigi app, a mobile storytelling app that narrates the books for you! Click on this special link made just for Raising a Revolutionary and you'll get free access to the app.

And for the adult readers among us, international borders don't have to stop you from getting good reads. Check out The Elements by Ricky Goodall. Choose the $31 reward on his Kickstarter campaign and you can get the book shipped anywhere in the world!

There are also always free ebooks galore online -- this site for Kindle ebooks has one i'm ready to read -- "365 Days of Mindfulness." Need that as a reminder to enjoy this totally wild, often tough and also amazing journey the rebelangel and i are on!

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