Friday, January 2, 2015

Things I Miss

In Nicaragua we have an abundance of sun and there are always yummy smoothies to make, with bananas and papayas galore. Baby mangoes, still green, are beginning to fall from our big mango tree and plop into the pool, where i fish them out and make a delicious green mango salad. We have fruits and sun and Latin dancing, but alas, there are other things i am starting to miss.

With school out for three weeks and the rebelangel bored as hell, sitting in her room half the day, i am missing having an abundance of kids' activities at my disposal. There are no arcades or community centers or kids' workshops set up for this languid time of year, and her boredom is starting to drive us both nuts. So i miss living in a place where kids are not expected to languish or take care of their siblings as an occupation.

I miss living in a house that is enclosed, and where dust doesn't settle on everything. Yes to housekeepers, no to the need for housekeepers every day.

I miss this face so much i have to put it out of my mind...
I miss living somewhere where there's not an ant crawling on me somewhere at all times.

I miss organic food. Kale. Chard. Sweet potatoes. Milk that doesn't take like chemicals. Good cheese that's not orange.

I miss farmer's markets every Sunday, where the sales tactics are not pushy and there are free samples and friends to run into around every corner. 

I miss IPA.

I miss my sofa -- even if it is vintage and white vinyl, which gets dirty quickly. The bamboo "sofa" in our "living room" is not comfortable to sit on, let alone read or while away an afternoon.

I miss my stuff -- stuff like my box of costumes, easy to pull out when you find out last-minute that that New Year's party you're going to is a costume party. My bicycle that fits me just right and isn't equipped with cheap Nica tires that wobble and burst every couple weeks. My nice wine glasses. My washable napkins, my mixing bowls... and all the stuff i'm too cheap to buy here because i'll just have to turn right around and get rid of it later.

It's the new year and i am still loving living here and escaping winter, but with the passing days it becomes clear that you can't have it both ways. You have to either live somewhere and commit to living there and not be afraid to bring along all the stuff you have left in the world, or you have to go back and live where you think you belong -- and where you've left said worldly possessions.

I am not going anywhere just yet, but dang, will a big hunk of aged white cheddar go good with an IPA when i return...


If we were back home, we could stave off the winter break boredom by taking advantage of offers like this offer from Xtreme SoCal, a package of fun things to do like snowboarding, surfing, SUP, dirt biking and so much more for kiddos and adults -- and it even gives single parents a two for one deal!

I'd also curl up, all comfy on a real sofa, under a cute throw blanket like this one from Home Soft Things...

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