Monday, January 19, 2015

The Bling

In the beginning, plastic shoes every day.
When you are surrounded by Nicaraguan women who tend to dress up in heels to visit the playplace at the local fast food chicken joint, you start to think your life might need a little more bling. So you buy yourself sandals with fake jewels on them, and you do the same for your kiddo. You are sure to put on earrings when you go to the grocery store, and you shake your head in wonder at the backpackers who walk around Granada with no shoes on at all. With this place far from the beach and the fact that Nicas tend to have a LOT more self-respect than that, it's odd and gross... and you find yourself becoming a little more Nica every day.

It's not like i'm going to completely change who i am or what i consider to be my personal style, but knowing that many people who showed up in heels to Tip Top Chicken had said heels stashed under their tiny beds in their wooden houses in the barrio tends to make you question your own sense of self-respect and grooming -- especially when you live in a comparatively palatial household and have "help" do your laundry. I can't say i'm going to be wearing loads of bling or going so far as to sport heels at Tip Top (they're dangerous to wear on cobbled streets), but it's always interesting to see how you start to identify more with the local scene than to the travelers of your own age who come and go...


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