Monday, January 26, 2015

Remember the Good Stuff

Travel, whether it's short or fast or even lasts a year, is all about making memories.

When things get challenging, i must remember:

15 uniformed schoolkids sitting in the same giant hammock, giggling as they smile for the camera.

The same schoolkids getting up and dancing to a salsa tune, partner style, right in the street as if they'd never been shy a day in their life and salsa was something everyone knows.

And glorious sunsets. 

Horseback rides through mahogany, coffee and cacao forests on sometimes-ornery caballos. 

The lazy days of life in the campo, far from the chatter of the city... 

These are the memories i am stacking up, for when the other days around here get too tough -- or when the whole thing is over and we're back to our "normal" lives.

After being here for so long though, i am beginning to thing our lives are never going to be the same kind of normal. For one, we may be beginning a life where we are much more nomadic all the time. To live that life, we'll have to go back though and rearrange, regroup, and repack. We may need to rethink the things we've brought along, and to make ourselves more portable by investing in stuff like this Highview case for your iPad -- which lets you hang it to watch a movie or tap out words for your blog. =)

We may also have to reinvest in better smartphones that actually work with the local networks -- and where you can take advantage of mobile programs like Greg's online fitness program that works with your smartphone, no matter where you live. And we'll have to look for ways to be even more self-sufficient. I love what Garry's doing -- raising his own quail for fun, profit and sustainability. And of course, self sufficiency!

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