Friday, January 30, 2015


I'm missing this girl's wedding this weekend.
Tomorrow will begin our sixth month here in Nicaragua -- essentially marking the halfway point between our arrival and our pending departure. I have thought about staying longer and continuing to see the success of an increasing bank account, but my rebelangel wants 6th grade in her home country. She hasn't yet seen how re-entry can sometimes be just as hard as being away, or how nothing, no matter what you do, will ever be the same. So that's the next step, after all this.

For me, this six-month milestone has me looking back at how things have changed so rapidly. A friend of a friend -- a Nica -- came over last night and remarked at how much better my Spanish had gotten since the last time he visited. The fruit sellers and obituary hawkers who come by with their megaphones no longer sound like clown gibberish. I can (pretty much) sleep through two roosters having a crowing duel of epic proportions every morning, and i have gotten damn good at making piƱa coladas and watermelon licuados.

I've also gotten more focused in my work, and am in a bit of a hyper-creative mode where new money-making and writing schemes pop up daily.

In ways big and small, this journey has already been epic... so i look forward to seeing how the next six months unfold...


One of the money-makers i've recently turned to is Fiverr -- where you can buy and sell nearly anything for five bucks. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up, especially when you're adding extras or when you get loyal clients who want you to continue doing more stuff at higher pay. Me, i've started doing customer success stories -- basically long-format ads about how great your business is.

Meanwhile, Charles is one of my fellow Fiverr peeps who's found a lot of success doing online surveys -- and now he's teaching people how to have success with surveys as one of his gigs. Check him out!

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