Friday, January 9, 2015

Long-Term Travel in Nicaragua: What You Might Forget to Bring

Earlier this week I guest posted over at Travel Insurance Plus about single travel with kids and things you shouldn't forget to bring. Read that post to get ideas about diversions, travel insurance and the like -- but like most writers, i often think of other things i should have included in the post, days after the fact.

When you're moving to Nicaragua, or you're planning an extended stay here, there are some more specific things you might need -- or just miss -- that are not easy to get. This list is far from extensive, but here are some things I wish someone had told me to bring:
Sunset San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

- Shoes to fit feet women's size 8 or larger (big feet are rare here)  -- including a nice pair of sandals for "fancy" time and a quality pair of flip flops. No, that doesn't include the ones on sale at the supermarket!

- Aluminum-free deodorant and any other natural or organic soaps, lotions, shampoos or beauty products to which you're attached. For a year stay, three containers of deodorant would have probably sufficed, but i ended up getting a friend to bring me more when i only packed one.

- Supplements. Possible to get, but not high-quality. 

- Sheets with a good thread count, if you're into that thing. You can get them here, in Managua, but be prepared to balk at the sticker price. There are also many, many thrift stores, so you may get lucky.

- Spices for ethnic dishes like Indian or Asian food.

- Extra cords, cables, batteries and accessories for your electronics. Any electronics at all that you think might break soon and need to be replaced.

- Static free dust cleaners for your electronics -- and one of those air spray cans would be great too, to cut the dust.

- Quality kids clothes. Once again, possible to get, but at a high sticker price unless you can find something good used.

- Card games, jump ropes, shin guards, soccer cleats and any other sporting gear your kid might need. 

Those are just a few of the things i can think of right now -- and i'm sure the rebelangel would add to the list... but that should give you some ideas about what to expect.


If you're pressed for time for shopping before you go, there's always the option of ordering kids clothes online. A Well Run Life offers kids clothes and cute hats and things online -- and a portion of the proceeds go to charity!


Bronson said...

We're also going to be in Mangua soon and I really hope to find some decent supplements because training is very important to us. If I do find anything I will let you know.

Nico said...

Hi Bronson -- The store "Naturaleza" in Managua is a good place to start. They have a lot of supplements and health food items, but seeing as how we moved here from Portland, Oregon, I am used to an even more natural, organic, filler-free variety of supplements and health foods!