Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Learning to Succeed

Back and forth between seeing progress and wondering if it's enough. 

Last week i had a guest poster write for Raising a Revolutionary about how to take an idea and make it into a business. Yesterday i wrote a post for Career Addict about how to be a successful freelancer when you're also a single parent. I also wrote another one about thriving as a wandering online worker living in Central America.

What they all have in common: they're all centered around doing this thing i do a little better -- and while some of the advice was doled out by me, i can certainly use a helping hand in that department from time to time. I worry about getting my taxes right (living in two countries -- what's that going to look like?), having enough to get back and forth between countries with two tickets to buy each time, and a dog in tow, whether the house we live in will be available to us or whether we'll have to submit to moving somewhere else -- maybe without a pool (boo hoo!) and whether i'm doing enough to network and leverage the experiences we're having into something that makes me an even more successful freelancer.

So any of you out there who are doing it -- got any tips or tricks i should be employing?


Kay-Cee's site, BizzyOne, offers some insights and additional tips on success in a new business venture. You have to create a login to access the site, but i need all the help i can get!


Amy said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog and love it. What an amazing adventure you girls are on!!
Look forward to reading more when my little man is in bed. Good on you for embracing life and opportunity.

Nico said...

Thanks for visiting, Amy! It is an amazing adventure indeed.