Friday, December 26, 2014

Working Out in the Tropics

Aaaand, then there was the day after the holidays. In the tropical heat, i've rarely made it to my beloved Zumba class, don't go out much to dance the night away, and running even in the heat of the morning is, well, not happening all that often. Yoga yes... hard cardio, no.

Hammock or pool? Hmmm....
That's why days like today are so great, when the breeze from the lake is blowing a gale into the yard (despite the fact that it makes cooking on a gas stove in an open-air house difficult) and the clouds cover Volcan Mombacho just to the south... meaning it's COOL and you actually feel like doing something besides lying in front of a fan or on the side of a pool. On other days, to get in a workout i'll be found flopping around the pool for 20 minutes or so, running circles, treading water, and swimming laps...anything i can think of to raise my heart rate.

I am content with that for the most part, until i'm sitting at a December 26th meal with my lovely, honest tween daughter and i hear "yeah Mom, you've got that holiday belly." Ay ay ay.

So perhaps the swimming isn't cutting it and i really should have taken advantage of today's cooler weather to get out and about. It's true that living in the tropics makes one rather languid and lazy, and let's face it, we're all checking the clock pretty regularly to make sure we're cracking the first beer after noon; noon-thirty to be extra classy.

But it's the day after the blessed, overindulgent holidays and it's time to turn over a new leaf. I'll be back in the pool and perhaps hitting Zumba again soon. How about you?


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