Friday, December 5, 2014

Serenity and Yoga in Central America

Before we got to Nicaragua, Zumba was my jam. I loved the heat of the room, learning Latin dance steps, the positivity of the instructors, and then getting to lift weights in the gym next door when the hour was up.

Here though, just thinking about all that activity makes me start sweating -- not to mention that none of the gyms here have air conditioning, as did the gym back home. Plus, there's not much need to "learn" Latin dance steps when every party involves dancing cumbia, salsa, bachata and merengue...
Yoga and stretching on the beach, San Juan del Sur

In my American life, i'd somewhat given up on yoga -- or at least it wasn't part of my routine. I needed heat, not serenity. Here, i need serenity, not more heat. So while i spent the first couple months hardly working out at all and trying to figure out how to get exercise into my new, expat traveling life, i can now safely say i'm a yogi once again.

I love hearing the soothing voices of the instructors, reminding me to practice self-love. I love that nothing moves too fast in yoga, but that i sweat just enough. I love that the stiffness of working in a straight-backed wooden chair melts away after a few minutes on the mat. I've even taken to using YouTube videos to get a dose of guided instruction when i don't feel like walking to the gym down the street.

I bring this up because it reminds me of how we tend to be different people in different environments. Here, i need peace and tranquility, because the noises outside don't allow it. There, i needed to increase the fire to ward off the damp. I am proud of myself for figuring this out without too much delay.

As far as parenting this rebelangel with my network so far away, i find myself increasingly taking to the cyberworld for solace and support. Your comments and suggestions mean the world!

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