Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nicaragua Linda

Nicaragua's natural beauty is staggering -- and i only lament because i have yet to see enough of it.

Granada is beautiful too, with its colorful colonial houses, swept streets and of course our bamboo house -- but like every house, its four walls are still more or less uniform. Out there in the wild, Mother Nature's curves are still exceedingly more elegant.
Back side bamboo house, and flat Hazel.
Indeed, this house is lovely. Flowers. Hammocks. Trees. Bananas, any day now i am sure. Every night a pair of bats -- quite obviously lovers -- circle the almond tree near my second-story hammock, knocking almonds to the ground, sometimes swooping near the balcony rails, other times getting so far from the tree that they come in the one section of the bedroom's top-windows that isn't screened, drawing a circle around the ceiling before i watch them swoop out the double front door.

It's from that door every morning that i also see the clouds gathering around Mombacho volcano -- the nearest dormant behemoth to Granada.
Granada Cathedral and Volcan Mombacho.

Twilight swim, Laguna de Apoyo
It's when you get into -- or rather on top of -- those behemoths that you really feel it though. Not far from here though lies the very stuff i'm talking about. Mentioned in nearly every guidebook or article on Nicaragua i've read so far, Laguna de Apoyo, the lake carved into the top of a blown volcano, earns all of its accolades. Just see the pics. No more words necessary to convince you.

In that nature reserve just a 20-minute drive from Granada, i wonder why the hell i am living in town -- with its bombas going off for every Catholic holiday, its party vans hustling by bumping loud, its hoots of school kids coming from the big public colegio just two blocks away, its damn roosters -- when i could be living near this mineral-rich, clear-blue water, seeing clouds like this and looking volcanoes straight in the eye.
Laguna de Apoyo iPhone 3 pic
What, you need to be near a school for the RebelAngel? Roosters live in the country too? You don't have a damn vehicle of your own? Yes, the first and last answers both speak to the practical nature of living in town. But i assure you, while i may be logistically barred from living there right now, i am not proud of not having spent more time in the more verdant, more stunning side of this land we now call home.
Walking home, Granada.

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