Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tiny Tips: 2 Ways to Heal Yourself When You're Sick

O, homemade chicken noodle soup, how i love thee
sprinkled with coarse black pepper, so cheap and so good...

Then from the back room, "awwwww -- not soup again!" 
Soup in macro. Mmmm.

So this is how it goes: (There seems to be a food theme going on here lately. Suffice to say it's winter and all i think about is where my next meal is coming from)

You or your brethren are getting the sniffles so you boil up a big ol' pot of something so delicious, so nutritious, and available with very little fuss or rabbit-from-the-hat miracles in the pantry. Only garlic, onion, a chicken leg (not one of mine), some carrots and a bag of noodles, and it makes you feel like you're back in the warm arms of your mommy, thermometer in hand while you faked sick so you could stay home under the cozy covers... 

That's #1. That will get you through the first round of the sickies real good.

But like any well-meaning whole foods health-food parent, you make too much, and when you try to bust that meal out the next night, you start hearing those cries from the back room.

So then you do #2:

Pour half that mess into a big ol' container and stick it in the freezer. Put a date on it, and give it a name like "To the Rescue When I'm Too Damn Sick to Put Even an Easy Soup Together Soup." That's also called throwing yourself a bone. It's a real art.


Also try the wet sock treatment or these other great remedies. They've done me and mine a lot of good.

Image: Bobjudge, Flickr

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