Monday, February 4, 2013

Tiny Tips: 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Go back to your acupuncturist

Some day, my dear, we will be hooping it up again...sandals n all...
2. Double your intake of Vitamin D3. Trust, unless you live on a sun-kissed beach (in which case you don't need these tips) you're not getting enough.

3. Learn some new dance steps. Right now, Zumba is keeping me sane.

4. Find a group of people interested in things you want to do and meet them regularly. Check out -- they have it all. Ahorita practicando Español.

5. Walk around the block, even when the weather sings a shitty tune. Then walk two blocks. Then walk six, playing a new Pandora station you've never heard before. 


***Buy the makings of a dozen batches of chocolate chip cookies from the bulk store.  Then make a batch whenever things get reaaaally bad.

LAST TIP: The purpose of Tiny Tips is to get you to share your own tips. Share Away!