Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Portland is Bipolar

It's about this time of year when this little burg called Portland starts showing its bipolar ways.

'Round about the first 70-degree day:

Cars create crashes to stop for girls on bikes
Sunglasses get bought, or resurrected from their dark despairing depths in the glovebox
Everyone smiles at one another
in fact
everyone looks at one another as if their eyes have been glazed over with a funky grey haze for so long, they're not even sure what they're seeing is real

and there's a twinkle


complete strangers walk up to you in the grocery store saying stuff like
"i don't mean to be rude
but you look really hot in that shirt."

That's all good and all, but the trouble is, i've been wearing this shirt for months and no one has said a word; i've been trying to catch the eye of the hottie in the grocery store for even longer to no avail. I've been biking my ass in the rain and getting soaked, waiting to cross Powell Boulevard.

Now it's sunny and even hot outside and the opposite comes in, flowing fast as Mt. Hood melt. Dang, people, we are in serious shortage of Vitamin D, and it's abundantly clear how short we are when we start to stock back up.

I'm not suggesting that uninvited comments from fellow shoppers are not a slightly-creepy-yet-welcome addition to my day; i'm just saying that perhaps we could spread it around a bit. Like say it's the middle of February and you see a single woman you don't know. Don't go so far as to ask her out or buy her a floppy red rose, headed for the bargain bin; but maybe you let her know that you like her shirt. Maybe turn away from selecting the perfect 20-ouncer in the microbrew aisle and just flash a smile.

Perhaps we act like summertime is not the only time worth living.

Perhaps we do our best to imagine the grey funk is not all around us, even when it is. That would be nice...


Jack said...

Good afternoon, my young friend. It's good to see you back, and apparently with that sense of humor intact. Along about April, we were thinking you were done here. So, some interesting opinions, as befits a professional journalist. You may find this interesting, as well:

Portland was one of the cities on our short list of places to retire to, back when the economy was good, and retirement was more plausible than, say, the world ending yesterday. We like the climate there. What, you say? This guy is in San Diego! True, but you get a mile off the bay in the summer here, and you may as well be in Death Valley. Also, I liked that Portland is about the size San Diego was fifty years ago. I enjoyed living in that "just big enough" city. And it goes without saying that the prices anywhere else are better than here! Now I read your post, and I can't shake the thought that you're about to get Californicated up there. You might find a visit to interesting. Check out Bonnie's post titled "Is Anybody Out There?" It's eerie...

Okay, I need to say this for my own peace of mind, and maybe yours. I've told you before that I'm twice your age. That means I'm from an era when the rotary telephone was a hi-tech gadget. If we wanted to talk with our friends, we put on clothes, and went outside and found them. Now, you are posting snippets of your life on a public forum, and as a child from a broken home, your story has engaged me. You could choose to limit who can see this, but you haven't, and I have taken that to mean that comments from strangers are welcome. As the child of a broken home, there is a possibility that I may someday offer a comment that you will find very helpful in your own struggle. If that happens, I will be honored, and cherish the moment in my memory. But...

The fact remains that I AM twice your age. This is not the forum that my genes were formed in. In the 50s and 60s, contact was personal, and that's what I'm used to. My point is, if you were out having coffee, and a strange guy twice your age slid into the booth with you and started talking about your personal life, you might find that very creepy. If you find it creepy here, just tell me. It will only take once.

Well, however that comes out, it's good to see you back, and still fighting the good fight. Like Churchill once said, "Never, never, never give up!" Some of the best advice I've ever had!

All the best,
- Jack

hapi said...
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