Friday, April 30, 2010

When a dog lives alone

When i get back from
so far out on the Caribbean Sea
all around the house will
hang an air of mopery

hair will cover the couch
the floors will need to be swept
a round nest about the size of an Akita
will be burrowed into the bed

she'll cast her tubby brown body against me
the happiest of the happy-to-see-me's i'll ever get
i'll bust out her collar, ringing it like a crown over her head
and her brown eyes will say

don't ever leave again.

I wrote this for my nine-year old dog Libre, who, ahead of my next trip to Haiti, is already missing me.


Bad Mummy said...

Incredible that you are returning. A friend left last month for Haiti. She'll be there for at least 9 months, working for the Red Cross.

And a Toronto journalist has written such wonderful things about the people of Haiti:

Nicole Vulcan said...

i loved that story! thanks for sharing it. i love what she said about blurring the lines between being an impartial journalist and a caring person who wants to do some good. i don't know how you could not want to help...