Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There are reasons we say Limbe with a note of awe.

When we entered this town those reasons may have had to do with the trash piles and hungry bellies we'd been told we'd encounter here. But there is so much more to it than that.

It is a new day and gloomy clouds spit enough rain to turn the streets into muck. We have boots for our feet, should we want to venture outside the church compound, but today we won't go out too much. That's the awe-inspiring thing about Limbe, and about Ayiti in general, i think. So much can be done within a sphere as tiny as this churchyard.

Another use for a metal can

Thus far, most of the work of the Noramise team has been in planting gardens and distributing seeds. But today the focus shifts a bit, to pursuits that plant some other seeds of hope. Some of the team begins to assemble a rocket stove in front of the church. The goal is to show people a way to cook food quickly and efficiently, without the use of charcoal. Charcoal, locals tell me, is the reason the hills surrounding Limbe are not covered with a blanket of towering trees. So many have been cut down, they tell me, to fuel the cookstoves that sit outside every home. Since a rocket stove needs only a few small sticks, it could prevent further deforestation, if the idea catches on.

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