Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Limbe to Massabiel

On normal weekdays Delano Cadet boards a bus-taxi on the far side of Limbe and rides for about 30 minutes to a trailhead outside the town. Then he walks a narrow path climbing along the Riviere du Limbe for about an hour, to the school in the village of Massabiel. Delano is a teacher there, though today, school is not in session. All the schools in Ayiti have been closed since the earthquake hit in January. Limbe and Massabiel are far from the earthquake zone, but Delano tells me everything in Haiti is run from Port-au-Prince. When Port-au-Prince is in turmoil, the trouble reaches even as far as this little mountain school. So instead of carrying books up the mountain, today he's carrying some of the hand tools the Noramise team has brought. The aim is to build a garden at the school, and to check up on the one the team put in a few days back on Delano's family land...

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