Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home now

The mountain town of Limbe sits about 22 kilometers from Haiti's capital of the north -- its teeming city by the sea -- Cap- Haitien. Locals call the city Okap, spitting the syllables out with a mix of excitement and disgust. When we hear them say Limbe, it's said more like a question -- as if the speaker is not sure at all why we might be going there. When we're traveling the road back, leaving Limbe behind, we utter its name with a breath, as if we've dodged an ear-splitting bullet...

Today is the first day my computer and i have been in touch with one another. I just haven't been ready. For now the story of going to Haiti and back is going to spill out slow. Today, i touch upon a 22 kilometer journey, from one city to the next. The rest of this tale is on the Bay of Rainbows site.


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