Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sugar in my cup

Sun is streaming in these Portland windows for the first time in a while and i am contemplating whether i should drop a spoonful of sugar in my morning coffee. I have a lot to do today; it will probably help me gulp down more of this bitter black love and get on with my tasks. But i think twice -- more sugar equals more compromised immunity equals sickness when i need to be damn well.

I am leaving for Haiti tomorrow. Tomorrow tomorrow i love ya tomorrow, when i will see what i can really take in terms of tough travels. Sure, i have sipped yak butter tea with monks in filthy hovels in the shadows of the Potala Palace, fled feo motels in the crustier parts of Latin America, and slept on streets when the morning bus was coming early enough to justify it -- but this is gonna be something else. I hope i am ready for it, and on account of that the sugar in my cup seems a bit too decadent.

But i gotta get on with it -- got too much to do today...

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