Monday, February 22, 2010

Ifs and Wishes

Helping Hands Noramise in Limbe, Haiti

A week or so ago someone mentioned to me the chance to go to Haiti, and i found myself saying "i wish i could do that. If i could make it happen, i would be so grateful..."

Now that wish is coming true, and i am so grateful.

But that's got me thinking about ifs, and wishes.

I suppose if i were to really wish for something and hope for it to come true, i'd wish for something a lot bigger. Instead of wishing for the chance to go and shoot doc in an earthquake-ravaged country, i'd wish for a world where there were no earthquakes. I'd wish for a world where babies don't lose their mothers; where no one is buried in a post-disaster mass grave.

I'd wish for a world where there are countries like Haiti, with their unique Western-hemisphere blend of African and Caribbean, that don't qualify as the poorest country in the Americas. In my ifs and wishes, there would be no country on that list. We wouldn't even have that list.

I'd wish for a world where pictures are beautiful and used to document beauty, and not to wake the world up to atrocities that exist a few hundred miles away from their shores.

I'd wish for peace. Period.

Those are my ifs and wishes, in a dream sort of wish-way.

I also have more ifs and wishes, if you'd like to help me fulfill them. I don't ask often, but i am asking now.

On March 1, 2010 i will fly to the Dominican Republic and take the bus on to Limbe, Haiti, to document the work of Helping Hands Noramise, a non-profit organization working to develop sustainable industries and agriculture in the north of Haiti. They too have a lot of wishes -- and we could use your help bringing stuff down when we go.

Check out Noramise's wish list here to find out what you can donate to the cause.

Myself and my film crew will humbly be accepting donations for Noramise all this week. We would like to have everything packed and ready by Sunday, February 28, so if you have things to donate, holler at

Here's to ifs
and wishes...

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