Saturday, January 2, 2010

No end to love

Some people say it's saintly.

I say it's necessity.

It's only when i sit down and think about it do i know that there's more to the reunion between myself, my daughter, her younger sister, and the sister's mom. I could say that we mothers need each other, on account of a faraway father, and our mutual desire for a break. It's easy to trade off, letting each other get some time away from full-time parent.

But it's really more about love.

I finally asked myself how long was i to keep hating this person, who may have come into the picture before i was fully out of it, and hate her precious daughter, because i was jealous of something that happened long ago?

I came to this conclusion one day when the rage was bubbling up in me about the injustices and negligence doled out to these children by their father. I couldn't stand that these children, who so badly wanted a sibling, did not have a place to be together. And i simply couldn't take the thought that our children would suffer because of lack of love.

So i opted for love.

Within a matter of a few hours, really, i threw out the old disputes and hatreds and old, musty jealousy. Gone. These children deserved more love, not less.

Within a few days, this child who is not mine was playing happily on the floor of my daughter's room. She will probably not remember a time when she wasn't welcome to play there. It was not my choice to welcome her to this planet, but now that she's here, there can be no end to that love.

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Leaving some love for YOU

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