Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hustle for Haiti

Her hands are moving so fast they're a blur for this Blackberry phone pic.

If i've asked myself in the past what hustle feels like, this is the answer. This is my friend Chelsea, putting up one of the posters she had commissioned in the past week. But the poster is only the mere tip of the iceberg.

I have to spend a moment giving mad props for the grassroots kick-assery that this woman just pulled off. I spent most of my Sunday helping her set up for "Helping Haiti," a music and auction event at the Mt. Tabor Theater, that Chelsea organized inside the tidy span of a week. Not only did she raise thousands for Haitians by tapping into her local resources, but she got innovative too. The event allowed you to choose between five different organizations to donate to when you walked in the door.

My humble contribution pales in comparison to the hours, the planning, the shoring up of every resource -- media, musical, organizational, financial -- that she put in to put on this event. But whether you have a few hours or a whole week to commit, it's the type of stuff we should all be doing, whenever we get the chance. Props!

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