Monday, December 14, 2009

The kid date

He has kids. Or maybe he doesn't. Either way, your own time is not exactly your own when you're a single parent. So if you do just possibly, maybe have that 'only-because-winter's-terribly-boring' kind of feeling and get the hankering to go out with someone whom you might be interested in, you could get Grandma to pinch-hit for the night, or you take part in what i like to call the "kid date."

You know, where you invite a friend along to one of the kid outings you're already taking to the ski slope or the ice rink. If you both have kids, then activities like this are probably going to be more necessary -- since getting two sets of sitters could be a daunting task.

These kid-dates can be quite pleasant for the fact that the two of you could-be lovers have plenty of opportunity to break the awkward metaphorical ice, while keeping the kids from falling on the actual ice. Not as much pressure, wondering whether you're going to have an awkward kiss later on (in front of the kids?!) or whether he's going to throw in some meek attempts at chivalry. It's just you, being your regular parent self, with a companion to join you for once. At least that's the way you can think of it, to help yourself feel calmer about dating.

Then again, it can also painful at times, when your kid insists "you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend" halfway through the event.

For the most part, though, it's a good way to deviate from the plain ol' living room date, where you invite the person over after the kids are in bed, for dinner and movies and whatever else. That could be more of an intimate affair than the kid-date, with its natural "out" clause. Meaning, if you end up going on a kid-date and don't actually want to pursue further dates, you can call it simply "hanging out," and pretend it wasn't a kid-date at all. Either way, you got out of the house, and you all had fun.

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