Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm like Seinfeld in this way

Going along,
listening to the music
convincing yourself
'this is a pretty good tune,'
til one comes on that makes you go


and you leap up
to dance and trip-step and
get spun on that song.

So like a melody,
love is this way.

You know it all in the first few notes.


These days i suppose i'm like the characters in Seinfeld, who i once derided for being so picky. They'd drop their love interests for minor infractions, and i just didn't get it. Now i do, and i do it. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Is it that i am getting older, and more able to see what i want? Or is it that mixed with the fact that i have extremely high standards for the rebelangel's male influences?

Way back when, when episodes of Seinfeld were part of my purple-Bugaboo-jacket, 1990's consciousness, i suppose i found it hard to believe that someone knew themselves that well, because i suppose i didn't know my own self so well. Rejecting someone for the way they ate just seemed ridiculous.

It's not that i come up with quite such petty reasons to turn people down, but they are more particular than they used to be. Like the man i decided i couldn't date because i didn't like his teeth. Or the Leo man who seemed a bit too into himself -- a cardinal sin for the Leo woman who wanted that attention pointed my way. (I didn't say my requirements were rational...)

So i guess i'm just like Seinfeld in this way. And no, there shouldn't be anything wrong with that...


It's a song that grabs you
and you want to sing it over and over and over and over and over and

* Related song: Jolie Holland's Damn Shame *

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