Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Switching things around

It's not that i don't love writing on this forum. That's not it at all. It's just that when you're a scrappy freelance writer, you often have to write the stuff that pays money first, and sometimes late in the night, you can twist your head around writing for fun. I wonder what that is sometimes...

Amidst all of that, I'm also getting more serious about my online profile. That's why I've created www.nicolevulcan.com to establish a web presence that doesn't necessarily present me as the harried mother of a spirited child (right off the bat anyway-- they're gonna figure it out eventually!). I'll also be moving this blog over to Wordpress one of these days, to give the whole thing a classier look.

For now, drop by my new site and leave me comment, telling me what you think. If you do i'll be your bestest friend and love you forever.

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