Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chillin' green

As you will see from the right-hand side of this blog, it is supposed to be about self-sufficiency, single parenting and social change.

Sometimes i deliver, other times i ramble about the woes of raising a rambunctious kid. (Who, by the way, is doing much better about listening to her teacher these days -- no thanks to my woeful whining on this forum.)

But once in a while, i actually have epiphanies that combine the self-sufficiency, single parenting and social change all in one. Maybe they're not that revolutionary to all of you, but they make me feel better, and they save me a few coins.

So here's one:

When the wind starts blowing and cold air is seeping in, making you not want to set foot outside your door, you have a couple choices to make. You could crank up the heat and resign yourself to paying out the nose for the next six months, or you could stave it off a bit longer by snuggling. Yep, i just told you to snuggle your way out of your cranking up the furnace, and using the fossil fuels that bring the unhappy bill to your door.

I've probably admitted at least once that i sleep with my kid. I try on occasion to get her back in her own bed, but then cold weather comes along and she becomes my own little sustainable heater. Imagine it. Instead of having the heat cranking all night, you are curled up around a 98-degree body, eight hours a night, times 6 months. That's not a little coin--it's a lot.

Just add food and water, and she will warm my bed all night -- no gas bill involved.

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