Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've been really neglecting this blog lately, and here's why:

I'm stepping back to evaluate whether encouraging this revolutionary behavior has been such a good thing.

I know i've said it before, kind of joking-like; that someday i might regret calling this blog what it is, because it could lead to her being a teenage Republican (positioned among the liberal-minded throngs here in Portland) or the leader of some yet-to-be-formed gang. But when your child is independent (and is named thusly), shouldn't you love her for what she is, even if she starts acting the rebel part in the kindergarten, and you're getting called in for after-school conferences on the second week? Or should you encourage another sort of title?

I ask myself if she is merely acting the part that i've cast her as -- the charming, deviant rebel who pays heed to no one but her mama. She can't read yet and she has no clue that there is a blog about her and me out there in cyberspace called 'Raising a Revolutionary." So should i give her a different title, or is it a mere coincidence that i'm reaping what i've sown? It's a conundrum that has me unable to write much that heralds the rebelangel side of her for the time being.

In any case, things are a little more strict around our house these days. If she doesn't obey her teacher, there are no sweets, no tv, and no playing on the playground after school that day. I might still call her a revolutionary when i find the time to write (which isn't much, on account of all the consequences and rewards i'm finding myself paying heed to), but nowadays i'm trying to regard her as a spunky brainiac, when she comes around asking what i think of her.

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Kaydee said...

Honestly Nicovee, I have asked myself the question you are asking in this post many times when reading your blog in the past. Why so intent on her being revolutionary and independent? There are myriad qualities paramount to the success of the next generation and I am not sure how high either of those rank. Interdependence is the key understanding to ecological, agricultural and social systems. Everything, everyone, relies on one another. And each generation Evolves as a result of what we have been given and learned from others.
I really commend you for asking such courageous and self searching questions about a paradigm shift. It might be the best thing you could do for your daughter.