Thursday, September 10, 2009

Somedays do come

I always knew someday

you'd reach out your arm
point a finger at some distant star
and fly there.

I always knew someday
you'd start being a child of the universe
and not just my baby

and that day is today.

Today you start hearing the words of others
as much as you've ever heard mine.

Today you'll look forward to leaving home,
having your own life,
having secrets that only you know.

Today you'll leave my arms, and
teachers will guide you
girls will make friends
boys will make fun
the wide world will beckon;
you'll know it's all yours,

i give it to you, as i know it --
bungled, rotten, and repaired,
askance, askew, and amazing...

So here it is
just like that
just come back to me
and tell me all about it.

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