Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We musnt' be hasty now, mother
we mustn't be hasty.

We shouldn't start pointing fingers,
thinking it's all over when
your most beautiful creation starts
stepping outside the lines.

After all, look up to the title of this blog and it's called
'raising a revolutionary.'
So why you so surprised when you get one;
when you're the one parent of many who's getting the talking-to
after kindergarten;
when you're the one who's losing steam at the third meltdown of the night
lo, around seven o'clock?

Mustn't be hasty.
Mustn't start thinking that studies like these and parenting groups like these
are laughing raucously at your attempt to do things right.

Must put child to bed earlier.
Must feed healthier food.
More protein.
Allow less television.
More exercise.
Less yelling.

Must wait.

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